Central YMCA

Central YMCA is the UK’s leading activity for health charity and is also the world’s first YMCA, established in 1844. We champion the benefits of health-based activity through advocacy, education and direct delivery. We’re distinctive among YMCAs for combining both a health and an activity focus, and working in the creative arts through theatre performances. We also work internationally and nationally, as well as on a local level.

Our delivery is principally through five operations:

  • we run a thriving health and fitness club, the landmark Central YMCA Club in central London
  • we operate the UK’s leading exercise and fitness, government approved qualifications awarding-body, CYQ – Central YMCA Qualifications
  • we address health inequalities and provide a wide range of activities at One KX, a unique arts and health centre serving the community of King’s Cross in London
  • we engage creatively with young people and adults through Y Touring, an award-winning national touring theatre company
  • we’re recognised for providing ‘gold standard’ professional fitness and health training through our subsidiary charity, YMCAfit – YMCA Fitness Industry Training