Y Touring

Y Touring is Central YMCA’s ITC/Equity-registered, award-winning professional theatre company, established in 1989. Our mission is, through a rich mix of theatre, debate, and digital resources, to engage our target audience in informed debate about complex and challenging ethical questions arising from scientific research and human health.

Between 1995 and 2010 Y Touring Theatre Company commissioned and produced UK-wide tours of 10 plays exploring scientific advances in partnership with the Wellcome Trust and other bodies including the Mental Health Foundation, Nuffield Council on Bioethics, British Heart Foundation, John Innes Centre, European DANA Alliance for the Brain, Association of Medical Research Charities, Department of Trade and Industry, Medical Research Council, Department of Health, University of Ulster, Royal Albert Hall, National Institute for Health Research, Royal Academy of Engineering and Department of Children Families and Schools.

‘Works like Y Touring’s the Gift which raise key ethical questions without giving glib answers are important in preparing us for the future.’
Robin McKie, The Observer

Y Touring has adapted some of its productions for TV and DVD and created two key resource websites, to reach wider audiences and to provide ongoing resources. www.geneticfutures.com gained approval from the National Grid for Learning and contains digitalized versions of 5 plays, with accompanying resources. www.theatreofdebate.com offers broadcast standard audio adaptations of productions, with films by experts. Y Touring recently piloted Steamfish, a virtual world giving young people the opportunity to take part in a trial based on James Lind’s original controlled trial. It accompanied the Theatre of Debate® play Starfish looking at the ethics surrounding clinical trials and enabled young people to deepen their learning on an issue