By Rhiannon Tise
Developed in partnership with Greenwich Drug Education Team
Supported by Greenwich Drug Education Team and Central YMCA


Kylie and Jimmy are 14 and at school. They begin to experiment with alcohol, but Jimmy sees that Kylie is beginning to lose control of her life as she becomes more and more dependent on alcohol. Jimmy writes to Marky D, a local radio DJ who plays music and gives advice, for his help.


April 2003 – May 2003
Nigel Townsend - Director
Ben Dickens - Designer
Marcus Rogers - Marki D/Company Manager
Daniel Bliss - Jimi
Anna Wright - Kylie
May 2004 – July 2004
Nigel Townsend - Director
Ben Dickens - Designer
Thom Hammond - Marki D/Company Manager
Adam Deacon - Jimi
Natalie Taylor - Kylie