Nobody Lives Forever

By Judith Johnson
Developed in partnership with the Association of Medical Research Charities
Supported by the Medical Research Council, the Department of Health, Action Medical Research, the Royal Albert Hall and Central YMCA


River is surrounded by chaos, and by chaos, he means women. Firstly, his Mum, Tracey, an aging DJ. Secondly, his young, precocious sister Phee, obsessed with science and finally his broody wife, Cassie. Despite their unconventionality the family rub along happily enough, but soon their whole life changes when Tracey is diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease, Huntingdon’s Disease. But the disease is genetic – should River and Phee take the test to see if they have it too, and should Cassie and River screen out embryos with the disease? Should they take a chance, or play God? What will they do? What would you do?

Advisory Board

Dr Donald Bruce, formerly Director of Society, Religion and Technology Project, Church of Scotland;
Dr Robin Lovell-Badge, Head of Developmental Genetics, MRC National Institute for Medical Research;
Dr Calum MacKellar, Director of Research, Scottish Council on Human Bioethics;
Dr Stephen Minger, Lecturer in Biomolecular Sciences at King's College London;
Dr Sophie Petit-Zeman, Head of External Relations, Association of Medical Research Charities;
Josephine Quintavalle, CORE - Comment on Reproductive Ethics.


January 2008 – February 2008
Nigel Townsend - Director
Jaimie Todd - Designer
Lawrence Carmichael - Company Manager
Ellen Gayle Harewood - Cassie
Darcy Ida - Phoenix
Dawn Perllman - Tracey
Phillip Weddell - River
October 2008 – December 2008
Thomas Hescott - Director
Jaimie Todd - Designer
Steven Byrne - Company Manager
Louise Dumayne - Tracey
Charlyne Francis - Phoenix
Joyce Galugbo - Cassie
Phillip Weddell - River