Learning to Love the Grey

By Jonathan Hall
In partnership with and supported by the Wellcome Trust and Central YMCA


The dawn of a new millennium coincides with a series of scientific breakthroughs unprecedented in both their scope and scale, breakthroughs that enable man to tamper with the forces of life itself. A top London University seeks to allay fears around cloning through an initiative to ‘communicate’ science through arts. As Sarah, a writer, explores the issues, can she ever reconcile her fears with the scientists’ facts. And what does it all mean to her, as an MS sufferer who might one day benefit from stem cell research? Is cloning justified - or is it one step too far? Is it right to create life in order to destroy it, even to treat diseases like MS? Who is right - and who's wrong? And at the end of the day surely a new technology is only ever as good as the people who wield it.

Advisory Board

Dr Donald Bruce, Church of Scotland Society, Religion and Technology Project;
Dr Harry Griffin, Assistant Director, The Roslin Institute;
Josephine Qunitavalle, Comment on Reproductive Ethics (CORE);
Juliet Tizzard, Director of Progress Educational Trust.


Aug 2009 – Oct 2009
Nigel Townsend - Director
Annabelle Lee - Designer
Jez Bond - Company Manager
Christopher Kelham - Tom Goodchild
Victoria Pritchard - Sarah Jones
Simon Roberts - Dr Edward Marsh
Katryna Thomas-Shell - Cally Okinawa
Jan 2010 – Mar 2010
Nigel Townsend - Director
Ben Dickens - Designer
Ben Tait - Company Manager
Jennifer Hastie - Sarah Jones
Angus Lindsey - Dr Edward Marsh
Naomi Taylor - Cally Okinawa
Ben Watson - Tom Goodchild