Full Time

By Rachel Wagstaff
Developed in partnership with the Football Association and the Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation
Supported by the Football Foundation and Central YMCA


One day Ryan sees Omar being beaten up in the park by Jez and intervenes. Two years later, the pair have become best mates, formed a football team together. With help from Omar’s sister, Sabina, they start writing to scouts to get them to come and watch. Omar worries that he is unlikely to succeed because there are very few Asian players. But Ryan has his own worries. Can being yourself and being a famous footballer ever go hand-in-hand?

Advisory Board

Adam Banda, Homeless World Cup
Lorraine Deschamps, Director, Sporting Equals
Lucy Faulkner, Equality Manager, Football Association
Chris Lillistone, Research and Information Coordinator, Women's Sport and fitness Foundation
Leon Mann, Europe and Media Relations Officer, Kick It Out
Johan Jensen, Education Officer, Stonewall
Tony Peacock, Homeless World Cup
Meg Ryan, Teacher, Redden Court School
Cassie Smith, National Development Manager, Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation


Oct 2007 – Dec 2007
Nigel Townsend - Director
Jonathan Bentley - Designer
Steven Byrne - Company Manager
Mark Brennan - Jez
Naveed Choudhry - Omar
Dylan Kennedy - Ryan
Stephanie Jade Lynch - Sabina
Aug 2008 – Oct 2008
Thomas Hescott - Director
Jaimie Todd - Designer
Steven Byrne - Company Manager
Craig Heyworth - Jez
Omar Kapre - Omar
Stephanie Jade Lynch - Sabina
Craig Roberts - Ryan