Breathing Country

By Ben Musgrave
Developed in partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering
Supported by the Wellcome Trust and Central YMCA


After six months hiding from the world, Lizzie is ready for 'Life' again. Six months ago, following the death of her mother, she pulled all information off her Facebook profile, and ceased all communication. But this morning is different. Technophile Simon shares everything on the internet. Lizzie’s sudden withdrawal from cyberspace left him bereft, and he has been gazing at Lizzie’s profile, waiting for a change. But today something is different – she has sent him a message. Lizzie’s father, Richard, is Communications Director at the Department of Health, and is trying to launch the NHS Electronic Patient Record – the biggest computer engineering project in the world. But a journalist has obtained leaked information suggesting the database is not ready to handle sensitive patient information...

Advisory Board

Gus Hosein, Visiting Fellow, London School of EconomicsProfessor;
Martyn Thomas FREng, Director and Principal Consultant, Martyn Thomas Associates;
Simon Wessely MD FMedSci, Professor of Epidemiological and Liaison Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at King’s and Maudsley Hospitals;
Marlene Winfield OBE, Director for Patients and Public at NHS Connecting for Health;
Dr Trevor Yellon, General Practitioner, The Killick Street Community Health Centre, Kings Cross.


Aug 2009 – Oct 2009
Nigel Townsend - Director
Jaimie Todd - Designer
Steven Byrne - Company Manager
Keiron Craven Grew - Simon
Karla Crome - Lizzie
Simon Roberts - Richard
Rebecca Thorn - Janet
Jan 2010 – Mar 2010
Nigel Townsend - Director
Jaimie Todd - Designer
Phillip Weddell - Company Manager
Jonathan Andrews - Richard
Keiron Craven Grew - Simon
Liz Jadav - Janet
Beth Mack - Lizzie


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