By Rhiannon Tise
In partnership with the Arcola Theatre
Supported by the Arcola Theatre and Central YMCA


Set on an unnamed housing estate and ‘Headstone’ centres on the murder of a teenage asylum seeker, Ali. Gina, his girlfriend, maintains a nightly vigil at the scene of his death. Her friend Jack is making a film about racism, whilst her ex-boyfriend Seb, wants her back and wants the asylum seekers out. As a result of her relationship with 'one of them', Gina finds herself ostracised. Seb wants her back nonetheless, but Gina can't help suspecting that he and Jack know more about Ali's last hours than they are letting on…


February 2004
Nigel Townsend - Director
Naomi Dawson - Designer
Sarah Weltman - Sound Designer
Jennifer Jimenez - Lighting Designer
Hamish Pirie - Assistant Director
Sinan Tuzcu - Stage Manager
Mike Dowling - Ken
Elyes Gabel - Jack
Louisa Milwood Haigh - Gina
Michael Obiora - Seb