Millennium Project

In partnership with the Royal National Theatre Education Department, the Guy's, King's and Thomas' Medical Schools (GKT), King's College London and the British Association for the Understanding of Science

How can the wider public and in particular young people be engaged in debating and influencing policy?

From Autumn 1999, Y Touring worked with partners to produce a Theatre of Debate project for the new millennium.

The project started a creative conversation between the two cultures, science (medicine) and the arts (theatre).

Stage 1 September 1999
·      Five playwrights
·      Five leading scientists
·      Five groups of young people from UK schools
·      One group of medical and humanities students from GKT

All were invited to participate in a Creating the Debate workshop weekend in Autumn 1999 with the object of exploring how the outcomes of biomedical research (genetic selection, cloning animal to human transplants, etc.) could affect our lives in the new millennium.

Stage 2 October 1999 - May 2000
The playwrights worked with the five groups of young people and students, enabling them to create/write their own short plays on a theme explored at the workshop weekend.

At the same time the playwrights wrote their own plays,  selecting a theme explored at the workshop weekend.

Stage 3  September 2000
Over five nights, each playwrights play and school play was given a rehearsed reading at the National Theatre as part of the British Association for the Understanding of Science Creating Sparks Festival

Juggling Chainsaws by Jonathan Hall
Playing God by Rhiannon Tise
Wicked Problems by Nicola Baldwin
Cell Mates by Sarah Clifford
The Diagnosis by Steve Waters