Photographs from 'The Projectionist',Theatre of Debate ® workshop
'The Projectionist' was developed and delivered by Y Touring Theatre Company supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering. The project was developed to raise awareness of the role of engineers in our surveillance society and engage them in a debate about the politics of privacy in the UK today.

The process of creating 'The Projectionist' relied upon the in-put of various experts from an advisory group made up of Demos, London School of Economics, University of Surrey, Suffolk Constabulary and the University of Nottingham.

Representatives from these organisations were invited, along with young people from local schools, to participate in a workshop debate exploring perceptions around the issues the project proposed to explore. Each Advisory Group members gave a presentation, expressing their point of view.

Find out more about Martyn and watch his first presentation
Watch Martyn's second presentation

Colin Langham Fitt
Former Deputy Chief Constable, Suffolk Constabulary
Find out more about Colin and watch his presentation

Charlie Edwards Senior Researcher Demos
Find out more about Charlie and watch his presentation

Gus Hosein, Visiting Fellow, L.S.E
Find out more about Gus and watch his presentation

Dr Ian Forbes Social Science Consultant & Director, University of Nottingham
Find out more about Ian and watch his presentation

Some of the activities found in the Preparatory Lessons were used during the workshop to gain insight into people's perceptions and attitudes. Following the workshop, several playwrights submitted synopses. Y Touring, informed by the advisory group, chose 'The Projectionist' by Laura FitzGerald to commission as a full play.

The advisory group has continued to contribute to the project by offering advice and support in the form of feedback at key stages in the development and delivery of the project.

Advisory group members represent a range of standpoints regarding privacy and surveillance in the UK and the roles of the public and engineers from the professional to the profoundly personal.

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