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Dr Trevor Yellen, General Practitioner

Dr Trevor Yellon has been a GP for 7 years in Kings Cross. He is also a qualified trainer/teacher, teaching trainee GP's and medical students. His special interests lie in areas of psychiatry and sexual health. He has lived, trained and worked in North London for many years and knows the area well

Trevor Yellen talks about

Case study: Patient who had a private procedure and had contact with 7 G.P’s
How medical records are kept and managed currently
The new electronic patient record system and how it could impact on clinicians and patients.
Who has access to the records?
Who can alter the records?
What happens to famous people’s medical records?
Non sustainability of current system
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Prof Martyn Thomas FREng

Martyn is an independent consultant software engineer specialising in safety-related and other critical computer systems. He was awarded a CBE for services to software engineering in the 2007 New Year’s Honours, and elected as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) in July that year. He currently represents IT on the Engineering Policy Committee of the RAEng.
Martyn founded the software engineering company, Praxis, in 1983 and sold it to Deloitte and Touche in 1992, becoming an international partner in Deloitte Consulting. He left Deloitte Consulting in 1997 to return to working for himself. He now specialises in the planning and assessment of large software intensive systems, software engineering, and engineering management. He acts as an expert witness where complex software engineering issues are involved.

Martyn Thomas talks about

Explanation that the electronic patient record is a, ‘Large socio technical system’.
Ethical complexities of the potential of the electronic patient record to do good balanced against the potential for harm.
Technical framework of the electronic patient record
Why computer systems go wrong
Computer engineering is a comparatively young discipline
The engineering challenge for privacy with regards to electronic patient records
Planning for what happens if people get access to patient’s records
How systems are developed: Develop, test and fix
Case study: In every 1000 lines of code there are between 5-30 errors in the software
Vulnerability of software to attack
Celebrity status for removal from the database
Google never forgets
Systems that are secure can be difficult to use
The starting point for the system should be the needs of the user
Case study: Testing software. Windows has 60 million lines of software
How many paths have been tested?
How do you attack a system?
Data loss
Case study: a Bogus celebrity medical record created to see if staff would access it.
Buying corruption
Case study: Helen Wilkinson and errors in her medical record
Electronic data loss can be massive compared to paper data loss
Sealing a medical record
Citation: Book called ‘Security engineering‘ by Ross Anderson
Opting out
Audience questions

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