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Stills from school workshops

Capital City Academy

Under the leadership of science teacher Abdul Ibrahim, Capital City Academy have put forward a group of 20 young people from Year 9 who have a huge amount to offer. Being a specialist science academy many of them are particularly interested in the types of technologies we are looking at.

‘Capital City Academy is an aspiring school in Willesden, Brent with many students from very deprived background. We have above the national average number of students on free school meal and from a single parent family. We provide exceptional opportunities for our students to succeed irrespective of their background and or economic status hence our school Motto.

The science department is one of the largest in the school and we participate in many cross curricular activities. It is a great privilege for us to be involved in the Y Touring Theatre Company project.’

Sedgehill School

Led by Performing Arts Coordinator Bex Hand we have a group of 20 amazing Year 9 pupils from Sedgehill. All are excited at the prospect of performing a piece they had a hand in developing at a London theatre.

‘As a specialist status school for the Performing Arts for over eight years we are very proud of what we offer both our students and the local community. The knowledge, skills and values learnt in the Performing Arts are applied across the curriculum and support learning in all subjects. We have a number of professional Artists in Residence who work at Sedgehill School alongside highly-skilled teaching staff who are integral to our work and enrich and enhance our students’ experience of school.

We constantly look to work with professional arts organisations and we are incredibly excited to be working with Y Touring Theatre Company on the latest ‘Theatre of Debate’ project. The opportunity to work with Ben, our playwright, and develop a new play to perform will be invaluable to our students who are already looking forward to performing the piece in December.’
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