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Stills from synopsis workshop at Capitol City Academy
This project is different to our usual Theatre of Debate projects in that our goal is not to produce a tour of a play performed by professional actors. This time around we want to co-create two short (around 45 minutes) large cast intergenerational plays to be performed by non professional senior and young performers.

The theme for the plays is to explore the likely impact of advances in teleheath increasing our audiences awareness of the impact of engineering in society and on our lives.

The creative process is different too. Yes we start with a workshop bringing together engineers, writers and our other co-creators - young people from two schools and a number of seniors - but that is just the first of a series of creative workshops.

Playwright Ben Musgrave is working with Sedgehill School and a group of senior performers. Playwright Judith Johnson is working with Capital City Academy and a group of senior performers. Supported by the engineers and Y Touring's Steve Byrne, each playwright ran a couple of workshops with their schools and senior performers to explore the themes in more depth and to try out ideas for characters, scenes and story lines.

Inspired by the workshops Judith and Ben wrote two synopses each and the young people and senior performers, supported by the engineers and Y Touring have chosen one synopsis by each playwright to be commissioned.

Judith Johnson's play is called 'Don't Be Shy' and Ben Musgrave's play is called 'Holborn 1961'

Judith and Ben deliver a first draft of their scripts by the end of September 2011. The young people, senior performers and the engineers will then feed back on the plays. The playwrights will respond making any necessary tweaks or rewrites. The plays will then be rehearsed, to be performed in early January 2012 at a professional London theatre.

The final stage is for the scripts to be published online for other schools, youth theatres and amateur groups to perform.

This project is developed in partnership with Cranfield University and supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering

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