Dr Sophie Petit-Zeman

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Dr Sophie Petit-Zeman - Adviser, Patient Involvement & Engagement, Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC)

Sophie joined AMRC as Head of External Relations in 2004 and became Adviser, Public Involvement & Engagement in April 2011, reinforcing AMRC's lead in these areas. Key projects include a £1.6million Wellcome Trust funded venture with Y Touring Theatre Company/Royal Albert Hall, engaging audiences in theatre and debate tackling topical areas of biomedicine. She is forging stronger links between AMRC members and the
James Lind Alliance ; developing work with to explore patients' views of medical research and fostering mental health research and funding charities.

Sophie will be developing, highlighting members' use of social media and its value for the sector. She will continue as a spokesperson for the Association and sits on numerous advisory boards and steering groups, including those of the James Lind Alliance, UK National Stem Cell Network and that of the Y Touring Strategic Award, which she chairs. Sophie is elected Vice President of the Institute of Animal Technologists and a member of the executive board of the Brain and Spine Foundation.

Before joining AMRC, she was a researcher focusing on stroke, epilepsy and pain, and her PhD, at London's Kings College Hospital, investigated brain cell death in motor neurone disease and dementia. She then migrated, via mental health research development at the Mental Health Foundation, to communications and journalism. Shortlisted MIND Mental Health Journalist of the Year 2001, she has worked for all UK broadsheets, numerous specialist journals, and the NHS, private and voluntary sectors, home and abroad.

Sophie appears regularly in mainstream media, for AMRC and other ventures (BBC television quiz, Test the Nation 2007, as a guest neuroscientist) and has written two books: Doctor, What’s Wrong? Making the NHS human again (Routledge, 2005) and How to be an Even Better Chair (Pearson, 2006).

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