Professor Katherine Payne

About Professor Katherine Payne

Katherine Payne is Professor of Health Economics, Health Sciences, at The University of Manchester, UK Katherine was awarded a personal Chair in Health Economics at The University of Manchester in August 2010. She originally trained as a clinical pharmacist and worked in hospital practice for four years. In 1993, she left hospital pharmacy to study towards a Masters in Health Economics at the University of York. Katherine gained her PhD, which used economic methods to evaluate the impact of different strategies used to introduce new drugs into clinical practice, at The University of Manchester in 2000. Katherine is a Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and has been a member of a NICE Technology Appraisal Committee since October 2003.

Katherine has over 16 years experience working as an academic health economist with different clinical research groups (pharmacy, psychiatry, genetics). Four years ago, Katherine joined the Health Sciences - Methodology Group, which allowed her to develop applied and methodological research grants. In 2007, she was awarded an RCUK Academic Fellowship to focus on the evaluation and valuation of genetic technologies including pharmacogenetic tests. She has expertise in the use of qualitative and quantitative methods to value and evaluate health care services, which forms the basis for the methodological and applied work in her Fellowship. Ongoing and recent projects include: identifying and costing pathways of care for people with inherited ataxia; building an economic model to identify the most appropriate interval for breast cancer screening; preliminary economic evaluation of high-throughput whole genome sequencing technologies and economic evaluations of pharmacogenetic testing. Recent examples of her work in pharmacogenetics include a prospective randomised trial and economic evaluation of TPMT testing for azathioprine and two health technology assessments of CYP2D6 testing for (1) patients treated with antipsychotics and (2) women with breast cancer treated with tamoxifen.

Katherine has published over 60 research papers and 110 conference contributions with her research colleagues. She has co-authored, with Rachel Elliott, a textbook called Essentials of Economic Evaluation in Healthcare and also authored chapters on the economics of pharmacogenetics in textbooks focusing on pharmacogenetics in clinical practice. She has been invited to speak at national and international meetings on the economics of pharmacogenetics.

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